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How to Fatten up my Dog

How to Fatten up my Dog

There are dogs that because of their breed or their nature are thin, but if your dog has always had a normal weight and suddenly begins to lose weight, you must find the reason. The causes can be very varied, from a nutrient-poor diet, the presence of parasites, nervousness or stress of the animal, etc.
When we notice that our pet begins to lose weight, we start to overfeed it, but this is not the right choice. From Better with Health we always want that the pets are healthy and healthy, that is why we want to advise you tricks to fatten your dog.

Causes of thinness in my dog


How to Fatten up my Dog

By intestinal parasites
When our dog suffers from intestinal parasites produces extreme thinness in a short period of time, as the parasites feed on the nutrients that your pet ingests. Although sometimes you may not realize the thinness, because the parasites can also cause swelling. That is why it is very important that you touch your pet and you notice if the ribs are marked. In these cases the treatment to be followed will be to apply to your pet intestinal antiparasitic.

For nervousness

It may be the case that your pet stops eating because of nervous causes, if there have been changes of home, habits, family separation, etc., it may be that your pet is suffering and randomization this way. If your veterinarian has diagnosed this possibility, it is certain that as soon as the problem is treated, your pet will return to eating normally.

For an incorrect diet

The most frequent reason for thinness in dogs is for an incorrect diet. But this does not mean that you are feeding your pet badly, but that you need more nutrients or that the food you are taking is not the most recommended for your dog. For this the best solution is to talk to your veterinarian and adjust your dog’s diet.

How to Fatten up my Dog

How to Fatten up my Dog


6 Ways to Fatten Up A Dog

High-quality food

Sometimes the quantity of food is not important, but the quality, this does not mean the most expensive. This means that they contain the right amount of nutrition. Try to find food from dogs that in their great majority contains meat and fats, this must suppose by ration of the 12 to the 23 percent of proteins.

It is very important that you change your dog’s food immediately, since it is clear that it is not providing the necessary nutrients. You also have to know that there are special foods or foods for dogs with weight loss.

Most delicious food

If you do not get your dog to eat your feed, you can mix it with your favorite food, like chicken, beef or even wet dog food that you like so much.

Physical exercise

Your pet must do physical exercise every day, all our pets need to exercise daily. So when you return home will return with much appetite. Although it seems to you that exercising your dog is going to lose weight, the truth is that it will exercise your muscles, so you will be healthier and fibrous.

Vegetable enzyme

Ask your veterinarian what vegetable enzyme to give your dog, usually come in pill, capsule or paste format. Vegetable enzymes help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy, as well as increasing the amount of nutrients your dog can absorb.

Frequency of meals

It is very important to control the meals and the schedules in which they are ingested. You can not feed a dog every time we feel like it, depending on the age of our pet you have to feed him more times a day or less. When dogs are adults they eat once a day if our dog weighs less than 20 kilos, and twice a day if he weighs more.

Water is very important

Dogs eat a lot of water a day, so do not forget that your dog always has enough fresh water available.

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